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Words of the Pink Rubbery One

a vagabond jack-of-all-games

Jigglius Caesar
I have a wonderful wife, userinfoqarylla, and a just slightly less wonderful cat, Saru-chan.

My Wii number is 6150 5908 8417 1559. My Super Smash Bros. Brawl friend code is 1676-3337-5911.

RoseQuoll has updated her lj-user code to work with the new system!


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<a href='http://jiggliusceasar.livejournal.com/profile'><img border='0' src='http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a160/cmlobue/039_icon.gif'
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style='vertical-align:bottom;border:0;'></a><a href='http://jiggliusceasar.livejournal.com'><b>jiggliusceasar</b></a>


.hack, 10k commotion, 8-bit theater, alexa ray joel, animaniacs, anime, anne mccaffrey, autumnside, azumanga daioh, barenaked ladies, beast king golion, besm, big eyes small mouth, bill simmons, billy joel, blue rose, boston red sox, boston university, boston university terriers, bridge, candi, card games, cats, changeling the lost, d20, death note, disgaea, dragon quest, dungeons and dragons, dwarves, ents, escaflowne, excel saga, falsifying statistics, fark, fencing, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics, firefly, football, football outsiders, fragile gravity, game boy, game boy advance, game boy color, gamecube, get smart, girl genius, gotcha force, gregg easterbrook, gyminee, harry potter, haruhi suzumiya, heroes, i can has cheezburger, ice hockey, in the groove, irresponsible captain tylor, isaac asimov, japanese, jigglypuff, joystiq, jump ultimate stars, katamari damacy, kid radd, kingdom of loathing, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, mage the awakening, magic knight rayearth, magic the gathering, magic users club, monkeys, musicals, negima, nes, new england patriots, new england revolution, nhl, ninja, nintendo, nintendo ds, nintendo dsi, one piece, order of the stick, peter david, pirates, playstation 2, pokémon, punch an pie, questionable content, red dwarf, revolutionary girl utena, riftwar, risky safety, roleplaying, rpgs, rurouni kenshin, saijiki stories, serenity, shugo chara, slayers, smart.fm, snes, something positive, star trek, stepmania, super nintendo, talisman, tamora pierce, teen titans, the biggest loser, true20, tv tropes, us citta di palermo, valkyrie profile, vampire the masquerade, vg cats, video games, voltron, werewolf the apocalypse, white wolf, wii, yotsuba&!, あずまんが大王, しゅごキャラ!, よつばと!, るろうに剣心 明治剣客浪漫譚, アニメ, エクセル・サーガ, ジャンプアルティメットスターズ, スレイヤーズ, チーズスイートホーム, デスノート, ビーマニ, ポケットモンスター, ポケモン, ワンピース, 塊魂, 天空のエスカフローネ, 少女革命ウテナ, 料理の鉄人, 日本語, 涼宮ハルヒ, 無責任艦長タイラー, 百獣王ゴライオン, 臣士魔法劇場 リスキー☆セフティ, 魔法 先生 ネギま!, 魔法使いtai!, 魔法騎士レイアース