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I has a character

Wally the AI has been running a modern era game for the last couple weeks, and this is the first time I have managed to get my character sheet and notes to this particular computer, so you get to hear about it!

Jake is the middle son of a wealthy family in Brookline. He was never paid as much attention as his siblings, and coasted through life doing the bare minimum of work. He did, however, find plenty of time for extreme sports and recreational substances. When the time for college came, he was able to get into *mublecough* College, based entirely on his parents' fame and funding. He decided to major in journalism, because it looked like the least work, and is only barely passing. When the time to select summer internships came, he ended up at The Weekly Truth, a trashy tabloid, because it was the last one left after the students who cared picked.

Numbers, for people who like numbersCollapse )

Jake was just sent on his first assignment with the rest of "Investigative Team #3" - the blogoriffic Angelina (qarylla), alien conspiracy buff/techie Algie (perillin) and flustered driver Deirdre (Wally's wife). They were sent to meet with a fisherman in Seattle who claims to have seen a sea monster, and were given tickets out of the dinkiest airport in Massachusetts. Along the way, they are in a car crash, and Dierdre appears to be dead, only to spring back to life and start performing circus tricks with unwilling co-workers and sing showtunes. After a few death-defying stunts, she is tasered into submission, where it is revealed that it was actually a robot. Algie discovers where the fake came from, and we head there to investigate. On the way back, Alige sees the van being stolen, and grabs onto the back. Except that it was an identical van, and ours is where we left it. Jake drives after them, executes a stunt right out of the movies (poorly), and Algie is recovered.

The manufacturer is a temp agency - Temporary Replacements Industries - but instead of people, they make robots. Through liberal applications of confusion and bribery, we determine the name and location of the person who commissioned Dierdre's replacement. Jake breaks a photo of an apple and fails to get any answers from TRI's bamboo plat, though he does take some as a snack.

The group meets the real Dierdre at the address - an IRS office. Someone mostly fitting the description we were given at TRI is working there, but he refuses to be any help. Jake interrogates the bamboo here, also with no success. When Algie reminds us that we were looking for a Mrs. Penworth, Jake attempts to out the IRS agent, then lectures the security guard about tolerance before being dragged away.

At a dead end, the group finally heads to the airport. Angelina posts some pictures to Flickr and, with Algie, sights an E. Presley making a helicopter escape. In the meantime, Jake has a toke in the van, and was asked for directions by a bamboo (really, a man holding a bamboo). After helping, he goes into the delivery man's van and takes the remaining bamboo into his own for questioning. The delivery man puts up a fuss and brings security, but Algie rescues him. They return the bamboo and a hysterical (and hungry) Jake joins the rest of his team on the plane.

No sex is had on the plane.

Arriving in Seattle, the group tracks down the address, a closed fishery. The captain, who is closing down and moving to New Mexico (where cactus, the bamboo of the desert, live), exchanges information about our contact (of whom he is none too fond) in exchange for whiskey and the idea that we will break his legs. We head off and meet our contact, who describes our mark: a dolphin-like creature who spits acid from its blowhole. We make arrangements to involuntarily borrow his old fishing ship that night, and then head to the hospital, where we will meet the person whose clothes and skin were burned away by the creature...

What an idiotic world we live in


Brutal hate crime. Unpunished. Unacknowledged by our 4000% sensationalist media. Why?


The problem that needs fixing

Most of what was going wrong Sunday and Monday was fixable by liberal applications of sleep or food, but this situation persists:

Apparently the problems I have been having with the Nintendo WiFi Connection are worse than I thought. For the 2½ days, I have been mostly unable to connect - error code 51300, no compatible access point in range. I did get onto GTS for about 5 minutes this morning, but wet back to 51300 land when I tried to use the WiFi room. Details, in case anyone can help.Collapse )

This is very poor timing, as I owe 5 people I met online trades, and wifipokeleague is scheduled to start on Monday. I do intend to get Pokémon Battle Revolution, and hopefully that will work for any battling that I want to do (do we know if PBR can battle against D/P yet?), but I may need to at least temporarily step down as the bug apprentice.

A bit delayed, but...

I uploaded the pictures from the crow112101/qarylla birthday barbeque. Yes, my camera dies in the middle of the present-opening phase, so I am missing some of that, plus just about all the poor attempts at sports we made.

[Edit 20 June 2007 @ 08:28 am] Wiy didn't anyone tell me my ass was so big tags were screwed up?


Yes, there were zombies here yesterday.

No, I didn't notice at the time. You wouldn't either, at a government cube farm.


Congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks for winning the Stanley Cup. But couldn't you have waited until Monday to do it? That's two games of hockey I will never see! Some random notes:
  • That was probably the fastest game I've ever seen
  • The Ducks won a championship the year after Disney sold the team. The Angels won a championship the year before Disney sold them. I have no idea what this means.
  • Oops. Oh well - not like it was the Cup-winning goal... wait, nevermind.
  • I liked these teams. They were feisty.
  • Don Cherry is right.
  • I need to add the CBC "Hockey Night in Canada" feed to my Wii browser's favorites, so I can see a game before January next season. (No, the Bruins will not get any of my money until they get competent management or ownership.)
I also joined wifipokeleague, an LJ-based Pokémon battling group yesterday. I am the bug apprentice gym leader. Laugh if you must, but anyone who wants our as-yet-unnamed badge (I am lobbying for Imago Badge) goes through me, and I won't make it easy. It looks to be a fairly casual group, not interested in Mewtwo mirror matches. There are still spots open in 12 gyms, including prevenger's (rock) and my own. We're still in the organizing phase, and expect battles to start on the 25th.

Via halleyscomet


Wanted: Pokémon Art

While wandering around the Intarwebs, I found this post offering Pokémon over WiFi in exchange for art of some of his monsters.

One is a shiny Jigglypuff.

I want, but am completely untalented. What would some enterprising individual out there want for a piece I could then flip for my digital alter ego?