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Put me in, coach!

Last night I finally got the chance to play softball with georgy and her wacky Tufts friends - the team I tried to get onto months ago, but had no room on the roster until apparently everyone decided to take vacation at once.

I started at catcher and batting 8th, which was all well and good. But in the top of the second,t he coach decided I should try pitching. Maybe because georgy didn't have a good first inning. I faced three batters and gave up a single and two home runs, for the impressive stat line of:

0 IP, 3 R, 3 ER, 0 BB, 0 K, ∞ ERA

After that, they put me back behind the plate, where my only duty was getting the ball back to georgy and remembering that she's tall, but not 7 feet tall (how many times did I throw it over your head? Five?).

Hitting was another story. For no apparent reason, their second baseman played without a glove. So I did the only logical thing - hit it to him. This resulted in two infield singles. In my third at-bat, I tried to go opposite field and flied out straight to the center fielder. So, back to tried and true next time.

Said second baseman also crowded the plate to the point where he dodged out of the way of balls on the outside corner. He also knocked over our first basewoman and threw the ball at georgy's head. But georgy figured him out, and after a home run in the nearly-disastrous first inning, he was befuddled.

I got to do something akin to heroics. I led off the bottom of the 7th (last inning) with the team down one. Remembering what I learned, I hit at second again, but this time over his head for a single. I advanced to third on an infield single from georgy and then scored the tying run on a ground rule double from the last hitter in the order. Coach/leadoff man knocked georgy in for the 12-11 win. Not bad for a team with for a team with four replacements, including some random guy's dad and two people borrowed from a camp for high schoolers.

Afterwards, we went to Davis Square for refreshments. She talked me into trying the ice cream place in the Somerville Theater (Frederick's? Francisco's? Whatever.). I got a waffle cone of cotton candly, not believing georgy when she said that their portions were... ample:

Reminds me of another food product I ate (with help) not too long ago:

Note the normal-sized objects in each picture for size reference.