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Merlin's jockstrap...

Someone else finish now. Please.




Jul. 23rd, 2007 08:11 pm (UTC)
I felt that it was completely out of character for Ginny to meekly accept the breakup at the end of HBP, and that she would find a way to go adventuring in DH.

She spent all of Chamber of Secrets brainwashed and possessed, so I have no doubt that she could be meek. I'm sorry, but until Book 4 she had no personality whatsoever. Book 5, really. And then we just knew she was a decent Seeker and could cast a good hex. She never spent any time with Harry. And then all of a sudden they have a Great Love? Ahemahem.

I never actually saw much chemistry between Harry and anyone. Maybe it's just because he was always off saving the world, but his relationships mostly felt obligatory.

See, that's why Luna works. She's sort of weird and disconnected from the world too. She could kinda understand him when nobody else would even listen.